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2016 Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Talking Ferdinand Take-n-Play CKV27


2016 Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Talking Ferdinand Take-n-Play CKV27

  • Code: 15-T0934.CKV27 FP Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Ferdinand Talking engine
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  • Weight: 0.500 Kgs
Price: 32,90лв.
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This deluxe version of Ferdinand from Thomas and Friends brings your favourite train to life like never before - complete with his very own voice. Press the button to hear his classic whistle and signature phrases. Also features a working headlight and as you roll it along the track you'll hear it's "choo-choo" sound. The faster it moves, the quicker the choo-choo sound.

Ferdinand is the gentle giant of Misty Island, where he works with twin engines Bash and Dash. Instead of burning coal, Ferdinand runs on wood and oil. He is bigger and slower than Dash and Bash, but will always endeavour to join in all the same. He may come across as the simpler-minded, quieter, or even more bashful engine of the three due to his tendency to often let the more boisterous Bash and Dash do most of the talking, but often manages to get in a comment of "That's Right!" during the trio's antics. Nevertheless, he is just as fun-loving, goofy, and whacky as the other two. He is considerate, inquisitive, has a big heart, and enjoys joining in and laughing

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