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7460 CLOUD_B Octo Softeez - Blue


7460 CLOUD_B Octo Softeez - Blue
Beyond boring, traditional night lights, this little octopus transforms any room into a dazzling starry night sky to help your little ones drift off to sleep

  • Code: 303-7460-BL CLB Прожекционна нощна лампа ОКТОПОД плюш Octo Softeez - Blue
  • Manufacturer: CloudB
  • Weight: 0.400 Kgs
Price: 42,90лв.
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No matter where bedtime lands, Octo Softeez is there for soothing, restful sleep! Beyond boring, traditional night lights, this little octopus transforms any room into a dazzling starry night sky to help your little ones drift off to sleep. Tucked amongst the stars are images of friendly, little fish busily blowing bubbles bringing even more delight to bedtime. Plus, the smiley-faced plastic shell illuminates in 3 soothing colors to help ease children's fear of the dark. During the day, your little ones can play with Octo’s plush, tickley tentacles, creating a deeper bond between both of them. He’s more than a night light, Octo’s a comforting companion and convenient solution for a healthy night’s sleep - whether at home, at grandma’s, in the backseat, or a hotel suite!


Eases fear of the dark
Projects stars and fish with bubbles
Plush tentacles soothes little ones with extra soft texture
45 minute auto shut-off ensures complete darkness during child’s deep sleep, recommended by pediatricians
Projects in 3 soothing color options: blue, red and green – morphing option cycles through 3 colors automatically
Available in 2 colors – Pink and Blue
Long-lasting LED lights
Ideal for children of all ages
High quality construction

What’s in the box:

Octo Softeez portable plush night light
3 AAA batteries (Yes! Batteries are included.)

Portable & Pacifying

In addition to being utterly adorable, Octo Softeez is a comforting companion for at home and his compact size makes him a must-have for any type of travel. Kids can play with Octo’s soft, tickly tentacles by day and rely on his soothing lights at night to help ease them to sleep as they gaze at the beautiful bubbles, fish and stars he projects on ceilings and walls. They’ll quickly grow to love their little ocean pal making him the perfect thing to pack for when you hit the road. Every parent knows travelling can really mess with sleep, but Octo will help ease any anxiousness and make bedtime much better. Bring the comforts of home on the road with Octo Softeez!

Effortless Operation

Octo Softeez features long-lasting LED lights that keep Octo's body safe and cool – and with no cords to tangle with, Octo is always ready to travel. Choose which color you’d like with the push of a button. After 45 soothing minutes of stars and fish, an auto shut-off feature turns Octo off, helping to conserve battery life and allowing your child to slip into deepest slumber as recommended by pediatricians. Another push of the button reactivates the projection if needed.

Makes a Great Gift

Octo Softeez is the perfect gift – delivering sweet slumber no matter where bedtime lands. Creating a home away from home and making darkness less daunting, it’s a must-have for every family!


Retail box dimensions: 8" x 7.25" x 6.5"

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